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Calves are born in the spring and market ready the following Fall. Our Angus cattle are pasture raised, grazing in the summer and wintering on local hay. All cattle have year-round access to free choice all natural Vitalix protein tubs for optimal herd health and growth.

Premium Grass-fed Beef (under 30months) are sold by the whole or half @ $10.75/lb based on the actual hanging weight.

Beef Farm Slaughter –  Estimated $125/side or $250/whole.

Sides of beef are delivered to the processing on the day of slaughter and hung for 7-10days. Processing for Fall 2023 is estimated at $1.50/lb and is paid directly to the processor at time of pickup.

Sides of Beef range from 150lb – 300lb. Approx. Cost including slaughter and processing are as follows;  Small 150lb+/- ($2,000) Medium 225lb+/- ($2,900) Large 300lb+/- ($3,800)

Specialty processing such as snack sticks, summer sausage, bratwurst and polish can be ordered at an additional cost of $4-$6/lb minimum 25lb order.

All animals are humanly farm slaughtered once a year between mid-October and Late November and delivered to our butcher for  processing.

Deposits for Beef – $250/half or $500/whole

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