All animals are humanly farm slaughtered eliminating the stress of loading and transportation to the slaughter house. Carcasses are delivered to our recommended butcher for custom processing.

Beef Farm Slaughter – $75/half or $150/whole

Hog Farm Slaughter – $50/half or $100/whole

Cut and Vacuum Pack – $1.05/lb based on the incoming hanging weight (paid directly to the processor upon pickup)

Specialty processing such as smoking of hams and bacons, smoked and fresh sausage etc. is $2-6/lb minimum 25lb order.

A good estimate for an all-inclusive cost (beef or pork, slaughter plus basic cut and wrap) would be:

Beef – $5.75/lb

Pork – $6.50/lb

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Whole Hog Deposit – Spring 2023


Half Hog Deposit – Spring 2023


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